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Stay/Escape: Salt Pillars in the Valley


"Stay" and "Escape" are like two mountains echoing in the distance.

Between the two mountains, there is a city of reinforced concrete and invisible information. People living in the valley passively bury their emotions in an alien environment and make choices that adapt to society. Those emotions are like salt, forming sediments over a long period of time, burning people's spirits at all times.

Gender, profession, future, rights. Under these simple social frameworks, artists choose their camps in "stay" or "escape", and use stop-motion animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, 3D mapping, and other media to outline their meditation.


    Time! Time! Time!


      Haomin Peng

     Video Art



      Ada Huang

     3D Animation

    Female Factory


       Liu Bohan

     3d Mapping, Stop-motion Animation


    What Are You Doing?

     2D Animation

    Fresh Meat


       Yubing Tan

     Stop-motion Animation

    Last One


       Jiayi Zhang

     Stop-motion Animation



       Jiaying Guan

     Experimental Animation

2020/10/18 - 2020/11/15

UNTitled Gallery,G/F,41# Tian Xin Li,Ren Min Road,Foshan,Guangdong.

Organizer:UNTitled Cultural Arts Planing Co.,Ltd

Poster -- Liu Bohan

Curator:  Liu Bohan

Artist: Haomin Peng, Ada Huang, Liu Bohan, Nyan, Yubing Tan, Jiayi Zhang, Jiaying Guan

Exhibition Statement: Mikey Wang, Liu Bohan

Chinese File:

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