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Interactive Installation

Is an artificial intelligence infant a human or a machine? Infant uses technology such as machine learning and digital signal processing to simulate the four responses of human infants--curiosity and habit, comfort and discomfort. The audience’s recognition of the Infant will affect the result of the interaction, and the recognition will be presented to the audience instantly from a projected screen. When the infant's discomfort reaches a certain level, the infant will cry. There are two ways to stop the infant from crying.1. Put the forefinger in the heartbeat sensor for 100 seconds, and the infant will gradually stop crying;2. Leave the infant crying. After 1000 seconds, the system refreshes. The number on the screen represents how many times the system has been refreshed. The infant, as the initial stage of life that has not yet formed a self-consciousness, has various symbolic meanings in art and philosophy. In this work, the infant becomes an identity that blurs the digital body and the physical body. When the viewer interacts with the infant as a finite being, the viewer feels their own view of life from the infant's feedback. How should people redefine life in the future world when life is not just about having a physical body and will eventually decrease?


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